The Saanich Peninsula Lions Food Bank "helps those in need through those who care." We do that in a variety of ways but primarily by providing food hampers designated to supplement a client's food needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

Question: Can any person walk up to the food bank and get food, no questions asked?
Fact: All clients of the food bank must be registered with us and prove they live in our area.

Question: Doesn't the food bank only need donations at Christmas time? Are they really that busy with people needing food all year round.
Fact: The food bank needs your support all year round. While everyone becomes more aware of feeding their fellow person over the festive season, the reality for the Food Bank is that we need help every day of every week through out the year.

Question: People who really don't need the food are always getting it (i.e. people who drive nice cars, wear nice clothes are always in line to get hampers)
Fact: The Food Bank is an emergency food service. Anybody can find themselves in financial crisis. "If you have just been laid off, would you sell your car or use it to get another job?"

Question: Only "lazy" people with no jobs get food from the Food Bank.
Fact: The majority of clients the Food Bank serves are working poor. When making minimum wage most clients have to have at least two jobs and still cannot make ends meet.

Question: The Food Bank is constantly wasting food, "I've seen food thrown out in the garbage behind the Food Bank"
Fact: The Food Bank will only distribute quality food. Our volunteers feel that if they would not eat the food; they will not give it to our clients either, so it is discarded.

Question: The Food Bank will reject food donations, "I've called to make a donation and was told it was not needed at that time."
Fact: Although the Food Bank operates from a 2,000 square foot building, storage space is at a premium and refrigeration is at a minimum. Though storage is small, we try very hard not to reject donations, but from time to time we have little choice.

Question: The Food Bank would rather receive food donations than cash donations.
Fact: The Food Bank is most appreciative of all donations, cash helps us purchase the perishable guaranteed items that make our Food Hampers nutritionally complete.

Question: To make a donation to the Food Bank, I have to take my food and/or cash directly to the Food Bank on 5th Street.
Fact: Food donations can be made at most retail grocery stores on the Saanich Peninsula. In addition, donations can be made at a variety of special events held throughout the community. We can a also make arrangements to pick up large donations directly from the donor.

Question: The Food Bank is a "small" operation.
Fact: The Food Bank distributes more than $410,000 in food each year - it's not a small operation.

Question: What happened to the Sidney Lions Food Bank? Are you now a different food bank?
Fact: We've changed our name from the Sidney Lions Food Bank to the Saanich Peninsula Lions Food Bank to better reflect those we serve in our community. Over 50% of the people we help come from Central Saanich, Saanichton, Brentwood, and the rest of the Saanich Peninsula. We help more that just the people of Sidney. 

Stats and Figures.

Are you interested in learning more about food banks in both Canada and British Columbia? Please visit Food Banks Canada and Food Banks BC for more information and about the

The Saanich Peninsula Lions Food Bank is a proud member of both Food Banks Canada and Food Banks BC.